Voices of Women – Introduction

What can we learn about women’s inequality? Well, a lot actually, you just got to hear the women out. Here is an introduction to our Voices of Women mini-podcast and why we’re doing it.

Finding your career path: acceptance in uncertainty

Career changes or just finding a job is no easy task, especially for fresh graduates and youths. Though normal, how exactly can we cope with the stress??

Hybris Media Pride Month

During July, we chose to celebrate Pride Month to spread awareness of the LGBTQ+ community. Come celebrate with us & check out the words of the community!

The pros and cons of being a funemployee

Being a passionate youth just trying to fulfil one’s dream in society today is no easy task. Check out how this one activist is dealing with life.

The 87-year-old bread machine with 53 grandkids

A baker that’s been baking for years now, serves his community with delicious hand-made bread in Jordan. What’s this seemingly content elderly man’s story though and what’s his secret ingredient?

For the love of squash: a story from Jordan

What does a group of Syrian refugee girls based in Jordan have to do with squash? Apparently, a lot. Find out how one organization is trying to create a better future for refugee children through the game of squash.

Hybris Quarantine Month: surviving in times of isolation

In times of a pandemic, we are faced with responsibilities and isolation; with everybody on lockdown and self-quarantine, we ask everybody their tips to take care of their mental health during these times, hoping to bring everybody together and keep our sanities.

Fate tied to a passport: An inside look at one refugee aid worker’s life

What is the life of a refugee aid worker like? A great deal experience psychological trauma and even uncertainty in existence. Check out how one worker is affected by the refugee crisis and how it shapes her identity.

Animal rescue in the Middle East: A Jungle Book 2

Jordan is one of the hubs for illegal wildlife trade in the Middle East, and turns out, there are some people out there trying to stop this. What’s the story behind this Jordan-based animal shelter and how is it giving a second chance for animals around the world?

Inspiring social change through a common palate

How does one Jordanian look to inspire social change through weekly discussions? Why through food of course! Discussing today’s issues through a universal love of food.

Changing society through the lens of cinema: a chick flick

Mona Shehabi is a jack of all trades, working as a filmmaker, fashion designer and even a chef. On top of all that though, she’s a mother. How does this Jordanian look to empower women and her society by simply being her?

Amman artist brings mental health talk onto the streets

A Jordanian artist fights the stigma of mental illnesses and questions human rights violations through her art. Check out how she does it and why exactly is she doing it.

The innovator brought from war

As one Yemeni escapes the war, he tries to make a better living in different countries to pursue his passion. From Jordan to now Germany, what can we expect from this persistent designer?

Important things in life: the journey of a Yemeni immigrant

How did this Yemeni man escape war and what does software have to do with it? From the States to Yemen to Jordan, this individual fights to create a better community and future for his family.

A home for voiceless souls

What is happening with the mistreatment of dogs in Indonesia? Check out how one dog shelter owner is trying to change society’s mindset.

The face and reality of home

What is the story behind scams in Nigeria? Check out one Nigerian’s experience with a culture of trickery and a corrupt economy.

The PhD professor driving with UBER for a living

Why is this PhD professor settling as an UBER driver and where is his family? The man trying to find peace with unemployment and US immigration laws.

What is happening with unemployment in Jordan?

Unemployment continues to be a problem in everyday society. This is no different from Jordan. What does one local employee have to say about this climate?

The psychology of spending

Did you know it was all a trick? Turns out we spend mostly because it’s psychological. Check out some of the most common behavioural economics tricks, as told from the non-economist.

The economic disparity of being a Jordanian millennial

How are you expected to have a good life and save money in Jordan? One Jordanian millennial talks about life and pursuing our consumerist needs.

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