The secret life of Indonesia’s motorcycle man

The secret life of Indonesia’s motorcycle man

By Yogi Aron Sidabariba

Photography by Yogi Aron Sidabariba


The lack of jobs in Indonesia makes most people look busy in different ways; there are some people who choose to become construction workers, while some choose to sell, open a business, and so forth.

For a man named Bagus Dwi Nurthartanto however, he chose to be a motorcycle driver at one of the most popular online transport services in Jakarta, Indonesia – GoGrab.

Bagus began work as a motorcycle driver early in May 2016.

This GoGrab driver did not expect much from his current work; he just hoped to lessen his parent’s burden.

Born in Jakarta, October 27, he only gets paid around Rp50,000 (4USD) to Rp60,000 (5USD) a day; using his motorcycle job as merely a kick-start for that desired dream job.

The 23-year-old hoped he will someday find that permanent job with a high-enough income that he has long craved for. However, Bagus continues to stay optimistic for a better future – both as a motorcycle driver and for his future endeavours.


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