In your Face Series

The In Your Face Series consist of a series of story pieces based on relevant themes.

Hybris Quarantine Month: surviving in times of isolation

In times of a pandemic, we are faced with responsibilities and isolation; with everybody on lockdown and self-quarantine, we ask everybody their tips to take care of their mental health during these times, hoping to bring everybody together and keep our sanities.

Hybris Media Peace Series Episode 6

Our last episode of the Hybris Peace Series talks about the existence of peace and whether it is a possible state in our everyday lives.

Hybris Media Peace Series Episode 5

A continuation of our Hybris Media Peace Series and trying to understand whether peace is a possible act and what exactly is it??

Hybris Media Peace Series Episode 4

We continue to ask more people about the meaning of peace and why exactly does it matter?

Hybris Peace Series Episode 2

Can peace really exist? We still ask the long-forgotten questions in our second episode of the Hybris Peace Series.

Hybris Peace Series Episode 1

Our first episode on commemorating peace and finally asking the question of whether this is possible.

Diversity challenge

In a world where racism is still a prominent thing, we hope to remind people that we are all just humans and we are all built diverse, as well as we are all entitled to our own labels. If it’s a difficult thing to label ourselves, then why are we still labelling¬†others?

Diversity Month

Show off your unique traits by taking a portrait of our society as a whole!

Work for Good: the online opportunity for change

An entrepreneur aims to create job opportunities and economic stability for youth women and refugees.

Team Hero: inclusion of all youths

A mother fights for the inclusion of children with disabilities through her own cartoon production.

The woman for women

The woman looking to make an impact for girls and women in Nigeria.