Art is our savior

By Nuha Zalloum
Photograph by Nuha Zalloum

Most people stereotype Arabs as uncivilized, bloodthirsty, and savages, however, that is not the case in real life. They are artists, musicians, and photographers who want to show you who they truly are. As this simple oud player does in his day to day life.

People call him عمُّو or ammo – AKA “uncle.”

Ammo is always seen around Diwan al Douq in downtown Amman playing his music, looking to spread a message of peace and unity.

Art, in general, is what reflects a culture or the characteristics of a group of people; art is what reflects our emotions, thoughts, and desires.

By sharing our art and culture people can realize that we’re not all the same, just like this man did. He is trying to make his voice and the sound of his oud heard,  heard by those who are killing innocents and those who are not stopping them; just to bring them back to their humanity to actually make a change.

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