A woman’s guide to problem-solving: a spiritual journey

By Sandra Nneoma Ibegbulem
Iluyinka Adeyemi is a mentor, mother, and aspiring life coach. Hoping to make an impact through her teachings, she hopes to spread her wisdom

Women are substantial beings on earth. They are very much needed in basically every aspect of our lives – as mothers, sisters, mentors, and friends.

Speaking with Iluyinka Adeyemi, she said everybody faced their own personal problems and needed to find a better way to deal with them.

“Everyone undergoes one problem or the other. The bottom line is how to get out of it victorious,” she said.

Iluyinka Adeyemi is a mentor and mother to two teenagers far and near to her. She is currently undergoing training as a life coach.

Recounting the crisis she had in her University days. She said she had made wrong choices in university — finally finding emotional support through God.

“At the initial stage, I was searching for love and acceptance in the wrong direction,” she said.

“I started finding comfort in relationships and it further widened the hole and emptiness in my heart.

“After several heartbreaks, I had to run to God for emotional healing and I finally gave my life to Jesus in my third year in University.

“Since then, I have not looked back.”

Iluyinka said she found her emotional support in God and was her base in getting through all her problems.

“It’s been God’s faithfulness all the way,” she said.

“I have worked in four different commercial banks within my 16 years of experience and I have never had disciplinary issues or ever received a dismissal letter despite the usual occurrences of different and difficult issues.

“Whenever fearful issues arise, I immediately rely on God’s help. For instance, as a business development officer, often times the targets are quite unrealistic and scary, but I do the best I can and hand everything over to God.

“I had been very fortunate. I have worked within the commercial bank industry for 16 years, even when people we call ‘performers’ have been asked to go.

“That’s the same principle I have applied in maintaining my work life balance.”

“It’s been God’s faithfulness all the way.”

The hardships of a working mom

The branch manager said it was not always easy to maintain a relationship between work and family but her loved ones were always a priority.

“On how I handle my family as I work is not easy but I try to be there always,” she said.

“My Family and loved ones are my top priority.

“God is the Chairman of our home and then my very loving and supportive husband with two handsome sons.

“One important key to any relationship is communication.

“Communication is essential in our home as that allows for bonding and friendship. I try with God’s help to be the best wife and mother that I can be.

“I love cooking and my family loves my meals.”

The mother of two said she would like to make an impact in people’s lives and somehow inspire and motivate.

“I would like to be a blessing in my generation and to the coming generation,” she said.

“I am currently in training to become a life coach and that’s basically because I have a goal to impact millions of lives worldwide by helping them discover their hidden potentials.

“My delight will be to have lots of mentees testifying of how I touched their lives positively.

“With all these joys and aspirations, there’s bound to be a little shake.”

Though Lluyinka had managed to maintain a good balance in her life, it was not always easy. She went through an incident that put her and her family through some hard times.

“Towards the end of last year, I went through what I believe is my greatest challenge,” she said.

“I was involved in a fraudulent case at work. It involved millions of Naira and I had to be investigated by the Nigerian Police Force and the Economic Financial Crime Commission but yet again God vindicated me.”

The message of positivity

“He will always lead us to the best in our lives.”

She said her greatest message to people was to develop their spiritual man positively.

“You see, man is a spirit with a soul and lives in a body and in this world there are two spiritual forces that rule, good and bad,” she said.

“My message then is that we all choose the good spiritual force, let God almighty direct our lives.

“He will always lead us to the best in our lives. Choosing God would mean changing our thinking positively and thereby changing our lives.”

Iluyinka aims to accomplish her dream as a life coach within a few years’ times and left with some lessons to take from her life.

“My parting words is from the book of Proverbs written by the wisest man that ever lived,” she said.

“Listen for Gods voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He’s the one who will keep you on track.”


Iluyinka Adeyemi is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria – where she studied estate management. She is happily married with two sons, an unrepentant God Lover with a passion for God’s teachings. She is currently a branch manager in one of Nigeria’s commercial banks and training to be a life coach.

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