By Lujain Dadsi
Illustration by Lujain Dadsi

Since ages men and women had to follow beauty standards in order to be acceptable in the community, especially women. Women constantly need to put in an extra effort.

In my community women with disability are the least desirable, is it the disability that is standing in the way?! Why does the community not include and accept women with disability completely?

Frustrated about the whole thing, I wanted to get a man’s opinion on this. Coming from Jordan, I decided to get an Arab man’s opinion, so I went to one of my guy friends for help.

For privacy reasons, let’s just call him John.

“I don’t think that women who are disabled can compare themselves with able women, they have their own beauty standard,” John said.

“Women who are disabled would feel different if they compare themselves to women who are able,“ he added

In my opinion, though, women with disability in 2018 are not that different with able women when it comes to the beauty standard. Nowadays, we embrace being different and we celebrate womanhood whether they are able or disabled, and I think that leads to the conclusion that women with disability are no different than other women because everyone is different in their own way, whether visible or non-visible.

One of my favourite writers Nikita grill said once, “tell them never to listen when bodies are critiqued, tell them every women’s body are beautiful because every women’s soul is unique.”

Sometimes, you feel you are an alien, the most exotic anyone has ever seen. Some days, the only thing you elicit is sympathy, but some days, your body is perfect as can be.

When you are able to accept yourself, your body feels lighter and more complete and you don’t have to change it for the world.

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