Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, I’m sure most of us have had to stay under quarantine, for obvious reasons. A process that is not all too comforting for us social beings. People are upset, protesting and even going against the law just to get a bit of human interaction. It is not an easy task to do for sure, people are not willing to give up the comforts of our daily routines, but sadly, we all have to get out of our comfort zones once in a while. With more than four million cases worldwide and counting, we are still in the midst of facing an uphill battle, which is why social distancing is still crucial for us in battling what’s to come.

That said, we are looking to help people get through these trying times by bringing everyone together and hoping to keep our sanities. We asked people to take part in our Quarantine Month by giving out their tips to surviving this self-quarantining phase. As mental health is very important in this scenario, we thought it might be a good idea to have some tips to keep your sanity, sharing different methods and comments that may just shed a little bit of light on our situation.

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For more information on the coronavirus and its current progress, you can check the link here, as well as the WHO website for any advice on the matter.

Tips for your sanity

We asked around a number of people from different countries and communities to tell us how they were dealing with self-isolation. Some giving short comments, others a whole essay in how to survive, either way, both shed some light into the situation and gave some great ideas on how to stay sane.

Arabi Tobi, Amman, Jordan

“In 1972, Social psychologist Elliot Aronson barricaded himself in a room for a year to complete his book ‘The Social Animal’, which has since become a groundbreaking guide in social psychological studies. We obviously aren’t all like Elliot, but an idea pops up from him, highlighting probable productivity like never before during the imposed isolation time. Maybe taking time to reflect on personal experiences, and/or recycling/regurgitating skills on hibernation wouldn’t make it all seem so bad.”

arabi tobi

Hayley Kost, Chicago, USA

“When I first knew I was going to start remote teaching for my school, I asked my friend who creates podcasts how she sets up a work-from-home schedule. From her, I got a tip for a really cool and free online yoga class, which I now do each morning during my work week. And for my own mental health, I avoid most social media, and message friends directly instead. I’ve started doing solitary activities that I can also share with my friends. For example, I’m reading a book that’s my friend’s favourite, so when I call them we can talk about it. We’re all living a new normal, and I’m trying to be kind to myself and kind to others as best as I can.”

hayley kost

Ismail Hajr, Amman, Jordan

“The hardest test in life is having too much time for yourself!”

ismail hajr

Mark Ramos, Tarlac, Phillipines

“Doing the obvious is one thing, such as: watching whatever was on your watchlist, reading a book, keep oneself updated through social media, and many more. But I’d say during these times of isolation, I’d say: Take this time for SELF DISCOVERY! Reflect on things, improve on things, prioritize things, and most importantly appreciate things! By the time we walk the earth freely, you never know…maybe even the simplest thing would be seen in a better light!”

mark ramos

Nada Atieh, Amman, Jordan

“The social isolation and uncertainty we are experiencing right now can be really stressful and emotionally draining. I think everyone’s feeling the effects of quarantine right now. Some things I try to do during this time that really helps is I wake up early and wash up and make my bed/clean my room. It helps me feel productive. Sometimes I’ll work out for a few minutes or I’ll meditate. Then I get to work for a few hours. Then cook. And then talk to friends or do something I actually enjoy. I think the way to beat this is to have a full day even though you’re stuck at home.”

Khalila Yuniarto, LA, USA

“Rather than focusing on what’s outside (the world/Corona, etc.), you better go inside (yourself – your body, your mind), by focusing on yourself – doing what’s right for you, such as doing things that you never did before (Like cooking?). I know what’s happening with us right now is hard to swallow, but we’ll get there, we’re making history, and we’re in this together!”

Cesilia Faustina, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Do your regular routine from the confines of your home, it’s possible, just get creative. Self-isolation is something I believe the world needs, not only for the sake of battling this virus but generally. People depend too much on the presence of other people that they forget who they are. Enjoy some alone time, life is pretty interesting if you pay attention to its details.”

Dita Vania, Rotterdam, Netherlands

“Try to stay productive & build a routine for yourself; do things you enjoy or were not able to do before lockdown.”

Dianti Pratiwi, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Get up, exercise (tons of great workout classes/studios have made it available online), take your vitamins, eat right, embrace your creativity and you’re doing fine, it’s madness out there, let the stress go. Stay safe, stay healthy!”

Hasianti Deamita, Bali, Indonesia

“Be trysexual during quarantine. Try anything once you haven’t done before.”

Asyifa Putri, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Don’t nap too long even when you can, because then you’ll struggle to sleep at night and feel shitty the next morning.”

Anisha Bahmary, Jakarta, Indonesia

“A little gratitude to start the day, that would help keep me sane during this quarantine period.  Gratitude helps me see what’s there instead of what isn’t. Also take advantage of this extra time to stay healthy and spend time doing what you love. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane everyone!”

Rana Eid, Amman, Jordan

“Staying at home had made me realise how my life is really like without external factors affecting it, this is really the best time to reflect on yourself and discover your strengths and weaknesses. To keep sane, I like to watch movies, play video games, communicate with family and friends, work and take online course, and yeah Tiktok is very fun and it kills time when you’re bored.”

Ibrahim Husseini, Amman, Jordan

“Look at this as an opportunity to exercise a sense of control, you get to choose what part of the world you want to let into yourself and what part you want to keep out. I’ve quit smoking and drinking sugary drinks, because it’s far easier for me to control what I consume when I’m not stimulated by the world around me. I also choose to practice things which take my concentration from something complex and abstract, to something simple and tangible, such as cleaning, playing games, or reading. Having people to talk to is great, helps to vent your feelings, no matter how miniscule they may seem in the moment. And if nobody is available, talking to yourself is fantastic. It’s a very cathartic experience to talk and yell to yourself – never underestimate the calming effect a couple of expletives may have.”

Gayatri Kartika, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Stay connected with the world. Social distancing or quarantine can be depressing and this does not mean you are living under a rock, stay connected with your social life.”

Lilia Sandoval, Seville, Spain

“I can’t stress this enough: take one day at a time. Thinking of how much time is left, especially under the uncertain conditions we all are, will only make confinement much harder. Focus on what you’ll do today. Be gentle to yourself. And most importantly, don’t wear a bra.”

Joely Thomas, London, UK

“While everyone was panic-buying toilet roll, I went and stocked up on library books. I’m about to secretly enter Afghanistan from Pakistan with Mikal and Jeo. Before this, I travelled back to the Spanish Civil War where book-burnings were a thing (god forbid). In these fraught and fragmented times, we need books more than ever to connect us, educate us and transport us.”

Taqua Ammar, California, USA

“Hike or get outside everyday!”

Natalie, California, USA

“Don’t forget to experience spring. It is important for your psychology. Make sure to go outside safely.”

Nahum, California, USA

“Your environment, your success.”

Zein Al-Maha Oweis, Amman, Jordan

“Learn something new to pass the time. I started baking as a new hobby and honestly, it has soothed my soul throughout this quarantine.”

Batoul Taher, Amman, Jordan

“1. A shower is a life savor, 2. Embrace your inner introvert, 3. If you live with other people, find your own space, 4. Stay connected… And reach out to friends you haven’t seen in a while, 5. Stock up on candles, tea, and face masks, 6. Enjoy this before we get back to our busy lives.”

We hope you enjoyed these tips and stay safe always!

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