Voices of Women Ep.4

In episode four, we talked to a Jordanian studying law in the UK. Miran, as she is known by, is currently back in Amman, Jordan due to the COVID-19 situation and took the time to talk to us; speaking about her personal experiences of sexual objectification as a woman, particularly within the Jordanian society. She talked about how many women go through different types of discrimination and seem to be forced into a patriarchal societal norm.

Though she was lucky enough to have an open-minded family who supported her, whether she was a man or a woman, she was not so lucky when it came to societal pressures, something most women could relate to.

In this series we will be talking to different women of various socio-economic backgrounds, hoping to get their stories and perceptions about women inequality.

We will focus on two questions: 1.) Do you think women’s inequality still exists in society today? 2.) Have you ever experienced any form of inequality or discrimination as a woman and please elaborate?

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