Voices of Women Ep.6

In today’s episode, we talked to a fitness trainer by the name of Mia. She is a local of Jakarta, Indonesia, working at a gym as a personal trainer. Mia described her experiences working in the gym, as an industry that is more male-dominated, especially when it comes to bodybuilding.

The trainer felt women were sill generally underestimated and judged for being women, especially in her industry and culture, however, she refused to see that as a setback. She believed women were equal to men, something she had been striving for most of her life and saw that women were equally as strong and capable as men.

In this series we will be talking to different women of various socio-economic backgrounds, hoping to get their stories and perceptions about women inequality.

We will focus on two questions: 1.) Do you think women’s inequality still exists in society today? 2.) Have you ever experienced any form of inequality or discrimination as a woman and please elaborate?

The original interview was done in Indonesian, so what you will hear is the translated version of the conversation.

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